quantum ejeculate

my belt encircles my waist
a wasted attempt
in mobius entanglement
i waste away
a sodden mess of flaccid aspirations
left to twist
in the cyclical winds
blowing over the chasm of
atomic discombobulations

there is a black hole
in the the center of my mass exodus
hungrily spinning
just beneath the sparrow
in a panicked state
banging against the cage
an agitation of anxieties
encompassing all known matter
until nothing matters
but the clanging bells
signalling the pale horse
as armageddon sputters forth

i assume
this doom and gloom
will continue to consume
this dessicated womb
leaving plenty of room
for the flowers to bloom
from the ashes
of this enshrined tomb
watching as fresh agonies sprout
to water the emptiness
within this mobius belt
of quantum entanglements
clutching tight to the last
spark of light
in a full
universal blackout
of atomic discombobulation

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