an unending surplus of clustered pains

standing solemn at
the brink of dissolution
a forfeiture of hope
in a flurry of tear stained
sheets ripped carelessly
from dream journals
death by a thousand
paper cuts flaying
tender flesh from ligament
red smears and broken bone
a callous callus on the edge
of certain self destructions

the rigors of virtue
sandblasting serenity
exposing the scarred denials
tattooed across failing organs
sputtering defiantly
against the whims of
an undeterred dismissal
aimed steadily at the
sundered domains of fallacy
theorizing the cause and effect
inherent in the casual neglect
leaking inflicted malignancies

a dreamshatter menagerie
in three quarter time
an indecency of palpations
thrumming carelessly upon
meandering sleeplessness
a heaviness of exhausted sorrow
bound tightly in razorwire
to the trigeminal nervousness
lichtenstein patterns bloom
in migrational migraines
setting off a series of ragged
painblossomed acceptances

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