black cat

black kitty
stalks up to my car
moving with a
sinuous grace
along to the best
of dope lemon as i
watch curiously

it watches me
as i watch it
the gleaming white spot
in the field of
deep onyx fur
we sit locked in
a battle of uncertainty

i half expect it
to race off as i exit
yet it stays still
except for a flitting
at the tip of its tail
while we both try
to evaluate the moment

to my unbridled joy
it purrs and begins
to rub itself across my shins
letting me scratch
the rumbling little chin
as it happily
squawks back at me

the day began with
rumbling gray skies
over a busy city
but no matter how
this day meets its end
i got to give a little love
to a lone black kitty

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