lazy days locked in longing

a discordant cloud
of frantic sparrows
blots the fiery skies
as sol glares in petulance
disseminating daydream
in a dissolution of
sanctimonious disdain

a flurry of impossible
hues dappled along
the straining chest of
winsome imaginings
lost in the fluttering
wings where cautious wonder
bleeds a sorrowful malignancy

a schismatic solitude
where sing-song subterfuge
in sanguineous serendipity
permeates the sacrament
between heartlashed shadows
and a fury of flapping wings
on a current of supple sins

a lazy sunday spent
breathing life into these
half formed prayers to
incomprehensible desire
beneath a discordant cloud
of sparrows yearning to see
the wildflowers in her smile

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