faux doors (no exits)

i watch him
he acts
very nearly
almost human
homo sapien
adjacent until
you see that
there is
nothing inside
but his need
to control

spouting off
nonsense while
seeking any
he needs to be
recognized for
his staggering
(lack of) genius
as he seeks his
newest victim

he is a room
lined wall to wall
in an awkard facade
of faux doors
leading nowhere
a failed peacock
long past his prime
preening his feathers
while dying alone
incapable of seeing
he is patient zero
in a manufactured
plague of his own
bloated self worth
poisoning every soul
he makes contact with

see the clever one
in his dented crown
of tin foil and lies
oblivious to the hatred
he misinterprets as
fawning adoration
a failure preaching
his successes while
the world yawns with
mounting indifference
waiting for him to
take the fucking hint
and just go away

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