hell awaits every sleepy dreamer

i woke
an ugly pheonix
rising from
the ashes of all
the bridges burnt
to survey the
salted fields
where happiness
cannot take root
less magical creature
more bat winged
demonic hellspawn
another verse
to the empty heavens
feeling the fresh
wounds from
navigating clusters
of dreamthistle
reliving rebirth
yet aware that
there is significantly
less of me
then there had been
the evening before

i slept
a corpse lost
in the abyssal realm
waking every
two hours
lost and confused
a pervading sense
of loneliness
as i searched
throughout the darkness
for a glimmering
beam of hope
dreading the eventual
sounding of the
diving bell
a brass works ape
hairless and confused
an underwater realm
of half eaten dream
where nightmares
carry a heft
designed to pummel
who i once thought i was
into a slurry of
shameful regrets
bloodied knuckles
from waging a war
i have no concept
of how to win

there is a
timid ferocity in
living halfway between
awake and middream
uncertainty guides
each faltering step
following a roadmap
that looks a lot like
a last confession
before becoming
existentially lost
as the faded markers
do little to
guide a wayward fool
home again

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