fuzzy lines in atomic turmoil

ny view is a
distortion of
fuzzy lines
under an awkward
prepubescent dawn
fillied with
undefined meanings
in a storm
bitter, yet beguiling
as i squint
to find my focus
as the coffee
steams my lenses

these days begin
with an accrual
of past due notices
angry red lettering
stamped menacingly
on every sheet
flaccidly blowing
over brown lawns
as i watch monsters
plant fresh bulbs
to lure unsuspecting
victims to their lairs
glaring at me over
privacy fences
as they try to hide
indecent falsehoods
coached as
meaningless lines

this hamster wheel
squeaks with every
labored step forward
staying in place
at full speed
as mushrooms clouds
blot out the horizon
vaprizing placid smiles
in a torrential hail
of scattered atoms
permeating the heart
of sundered good byes
as the birds shout
neglecting early worms
for cacophonous terror
a gang of fluffy sparrows
hopping menacingly
in the face of
nuclear winters
tinged with dreamshivers

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