dreamless oblivions

fingers twitch
tapping the table
a nervous tune
of discordant notes
flitting anxieties
into the hungry maw
of silent mornings
hanging heavily
as sirens wail out
in the distance

after having lived
off of coffee and the
boiling nothingness
collapsing my guts
for far too long
the sound of percolation
turns my burgeoning
hunger into a rainbow
slick of nauseated
longing to fall ignored
as the day begins again

freshly shaven to expose
a new look from a
scarred old face glaring
with a lack of recognition
to the dead eyes lost
in transition from brown
depression to green hopes
squandered fitfully in a
rage of polar shiftings
until this new visage
reflects the empty within

a calliope plays softly
and i cannot decide if it
is real or another game
my dissident mind is playing
keeping me off kilter as
i dress for a funeral
for the dreams left on
the side of the winding
road that leads only to
laying in a silk lined box
littered with unbroken sleep
in solemn silent oblivions

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