a modern day achilles

the issues i face
are simply
a facet of how
i have been dipped
as an infant by the ankle
a modern day achilles
yet instead of
the sluggish waters of the styx
granting me
nigh invulnerability
it was a dip
into a vat of
mercurial two way glass
cursing me
to see
yet never be seen myself
doomed to roam
the earth as little more
than a reflection
of the beauty in others
a dead satellite
until they grow bored
of my unsubstantialities
and drift away.

i can’t
see me either
when i stand before the mirror
i see nothing
back and forth
into infinity
where a person
is supposed to be.

my name is mike.
i don’t exist.

2 thoughts on “a modern day achilles

  1. i haven’t seen the movie, but i have read the illiad.

    as to your question, i wasn’t referring to not being seen in the poetry world. it was more in life in general, feeling as if i do not exist. so, no. i wouldn’t trade my life for being a celebrated poet. i would gladly give my life for my loved ones though.


  2. In the movie Troy, Achilles (Brad Pitt) was warned by his mother that if he should go off to the war he would surely die.
    Would you trade your life for being a famous poet, celebrated in all four corners of the earth, Mike? Would you go that far?
    Maybe a sense of sacrifice is what it takes to make it in this hard, imbecilic, stupid world. And then the Book of Love will open up and let us in, to quote a song!
    — Catxman


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