radial dissonance

a slowdance
at the edge of
anxietal bliss
arms wrapped
gently around
dreamwisp demise
as the symphony
of agonies plays
a dirgeful lament
low humming chords
vibrating in
sullen disbeliefs
a shower of
skinflake disdain
falling from the
shaking jowls of
stagnant divinity
in the static of
irradiated sins

whispered screams
bounce ineffectually
on the dampened whorls
of eternity’s vacancy
muted echoes
a distortion of
loving expulsions
leaving a breadcrumb
trail to be eaten
by the crows alight
on ebony wings
circling an overabundance
of heartbled longing
as the flames consume
the destitution of
reciprocated aches
leaving ashen streaks
on the striated cheeks
of death’s weathered skull

dancing in time to
the heaving sobs of
an ever expanding
universal dismissal
hungering to fill
the widening chasm
between giddy hopefulness
and silent reproach
as faltering steps
show a clumsy disregard
for beautiful nothingness
in this distance of
radiant dissonance

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