i attach meaning to
the random song of the windchimes and the rustle of
fallen leaves dragging across
the causeway just outside
finding hidden portents
omens in the silvery diffusion
in starbursts through the glass
and the chatter of the spoon
against the coffee mug
as i tremble lethargically
in the silent cold alone

what destiny awaits draped
in the mysterious humming from
the neighbor’s vacuum
the planes hovering in place
edging impatiently in a
holding pattern of lost souls
the trash caught in bushes
and the oil stains on concrete

seeking solutions to real world
woes in the indifferent chaos
coalescing in foggy tendrils
around the deinflated lungs where
hope gasped its last fetid breath
ground to grit to grate against
the naked flesh of surrenders
attaching meaning to tea leaves
and mass manufactured tarot cards
false mediums with crystal balls
or delusions of sky wizards
sacrificing themselves to erase
the punishment of sin that they
created and spread like a plague

finding solace in the absurdity
of rampant entropic failure
wobbling motionless in degrading
evolutionary decline as we spin
around the emptiness so callously
reflected in every devilish grin
imperceptible movements trapped
in solidifying amber myopically
watching ourselves fall apart

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