frozen immolations

a swelling of
moonbeam melancholia
drenching the still
frigidity in a swarm
of pinprick denials

demure in maleficence
impregnating the permafrost
with desperate tendrils
grasping the tattered edge
of heartshatter soliloquies

i sputter
through chattering teeth
these half frozen lines
jagged and obscene
to stab into
the true form of beauty
ravaging innocence
a blizzard of
barely withheld
ferocity and passion
unreturned in this
vacancy of light

rationing what little
remains of withered hopes
supping on slivers
to survive another week
in sublime distractions

bathed in moonbeams
alight in wispy melancholia
catching sparks with
trembling fingers in
an immolation of need

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