ojos vacíos

went to the palm reader
in the barrio
for a bit of direction
in a rudderless world

she looked startled
as i entered the room
as if i
was the one thing
she hadn’t expected to see

the candle flames fluttered
in the chill breeze
as she gestured me
to the open seat
across the table

she held out her hand
her mouth
a thin line of fear
as she watched
the fires dance in my eyes

she gasped
recoiled from my touch
her wide eyes
staring at my
smooth unmarked palms

los sin alma
con lis ojos vacíos
el destino escupe
en tu maldito corazón
siempre solo

i smiled slightly
tossed twenty to her
as i opened the door
each candle winked out
as she cried softly

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