this morning is
the first
i can remember
in weeks
where the wind
isn’t an icy dagger
down the back
of my neck
so the universe
mixes it up
with a sullen drizzle
reminding me
life is not
to be enjoyed
without consequence

early morning
post office trip
as an old man
talked for
the half hour
i misjudged
them opening
relaying the history
of film and
the fire marshall
in dallas
an incessant drone
that made me
long to throw myself
into the backdraft
to be reduced to ash
rather than
feign interest
for five more seconds

all i want is
another hour
in bed
her curled up
next to me
instead i have
the rain
on the windshield
a headache
the urge for
an old fashioned donut
there is a sorrow
wedged tight
in the back
of my heart
as i try
and keep it together
one minute at a time
but it ain’t
happening today

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