he was
a peculiar man
a known liar
perpetually between
a part time

full time
trying to find
that last score
the big haul
to put a
lifetime of bad luck
to bed
at long last

she was
a lovely soul
scarred by life
a pyromaniac
flames wrapped
around her ribs
protecting her
faberge heart
a hidden treasure

by the betrayals
the games
the agendas
she had no
in participating in
the fateful day
she stumbled on him

he picked
her pocket
as she picked
his brain
he spun tall tales
she saw right through
he grew afraid
she grew intrigued
the grand scheme

as he fell hard
into her bottomless gaze
he tried to
escape the trap
she simply
let him run
but it was to her
he always tumbled

his rapscallion ways
ignited her flame
as her curious smile
snatched his heart
partners in crime
stealing bits
of one another
to fill the gaps
inside themselves

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