we live in an era of de-evolution

for every great stride forward with technology our dependency upon it grows,without even noticing we are losing basic functions

need directions, use your phone, need instructions, internet, feeling sick

it’s cancer, it’s always cancer

using a map, the dewey decimal system, experiencing life

there is an app for that

no longer a necessity to form your own opinion, or experience things for yourself

there is a forum, a message board, a quick youtube video that does all the thinking for you

we have mastered the art of mastering nothing and letting the great all knowing search bar think for us

why invest in learning something through trial and error when someone has already down the leg work, the grueling studies, suffered failure after failure so you can succeed with zero effort

it feels the entire summation of human knowledge is now in easily digestible bits, a cliff notes approximation of life

there is no need to grow and change, no scars as reminders of former folly

it feels as if living and adventure are remnants of a former age

as i sit on my porch and yell at the kids to stay off the grass i realize they aren’t on it

it is a ghost town

the world has grown smaller because hardly anyone seems to appreciate the enormity of it

so filled with righteous indignation over perceived slights a continent away, ignoring the looming problems barrelling down upon them

the present no longer savored, the future no longer bright, the past a relic to be ignored

i appreciate the irony of it all as I tap away, spitting vitriol into the same aether that has ensnared the world i rage against

of becoming the same old man i mocked when i was running about making mischief

clutching my private cache of memories, of skinny dips and popping hood ornaments off of cars

roaming the streets after midnight, free range teenage years, railing against the injustice of the man

now having become a man, having the cold steel of my spine forged through rampant chaos, binding myself to anarchist fantasies, wishing i saw more of that in the world around me

staring into another’s eyes instead of down at their phones, pretending to know everything when we knew hardly anything at all

we preserve the ore by shielding it from the fires, instead of crafting ingots of rarified metals we no longer fan the flames

like the medieval soothsayers blaming cats for witchcraft and instead allowing the rats to flourish and bring forth the plagues

i worry if we are at the tipping point, or past the point of no return

i wonder if my father thought the same thing about us as we played our music too loud and danced in a circle pit

did he fear he quenched my iron too early, left the spine too softened to carve my way through the thorn bushes i would encounter

i hope before he died he realized he had done all he could, sharpened my wit and armed me with the skills i would need to etch my name into the stone

i’m still standing, your words still echo through me

but i worry the world is crumbling around me

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