dear in headlights

like a car crash in slow motion
every shard of glass a diamond suspended around us, i could pluck them individually from the air, fashion them into a necklace for your elegant neck
the buckling of metal, screeching of frame, the dashboard flying towards my chest, airbags disabled, sparks like fireworks around our heads
the fourth of July meets the fourteenth of February
the squeal of tires made infinite, an orchestra, a personal symphony for us alone, heady notes leading to one last aria awaiting the solo voice
eyes locked, heads cocked, leaning in, hunger and need
crooked smiles and lazily flipping in midair
one more kiss before reality hits
the weightlessness of reckless abandon, a reaction to the lack of traction, stretched and

fragmented, hands gripped tight as we sail through the night
the canopy of trees beneath us, reflectors like single file stars marking our expedition through the asphalt skies
this was us, for the briefest moment, invulnerable, flying with no sense of direction

towards an end we refused to see, i refused to see, so blinded by the lights and flashing cherries on the squad cars
one of us walked away, the other stayed in the wreckage, unable to see anything but those frozen moments
paralyzed by the idea it happened so fast, ended almost as if it never began
waking from the real world into a walking dream
comatose, morose, and battered from the impact, craving one more moment of imperfect impact
nondisclosure agreement and persona non grata, it never happened in the eyes of the lost records sealed and kept from public knowledge, an urban ledger, a victimless crime
still have half a tank of gas and faulty GPS, racing to the next near fatal accidental glimpse
my dear in headlights


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