they came in the night and replaced my left eye with a recording device

they thought it would go unnoticed but the resolution is slightly higher and it shows a status bar that seems to indicate the power is at fifty percent

i can scan things and know what they cost and see a person and know the last time they came

at least i think they replaced my eye

it is hard to remember things so well lately, blinding headache if i concentrate on the details

like hiccups in my brain, i know things now i see things that shouldn’t be there

it takes a minute for the words to simulate assimilate annihilate recreate enunciate penetrate regurgitate renegotiate i cannot find the ate but i know it exists

genesis and genocide are happy sides of the same coin

they replaced my right arm as i slept last night, it hisses when i clutch a fist and i accidentally crushed the door knob

i can tell where an object has been by touch and feel the last thing a lover has stroked it makes handshakes uncomfortable

at least i think they replaced my arm

hard to say what is real and what is not any longer, i try and remember but it hurts

the hiccups are growing worse they are erroneous horrendous tedious incredulous some fucking ous it itches but i cannot make sense of the ridiculous



they can take the rest of me as i sleep, i am not sure how much left is stock

i can taste sorrow, hear the last time a person said i love you, my left pinkie is a dart gun and my dick is a deadly weapon

my heart can play whale songs or slow to match the beat of a lost love, my skin is exactly the temp if you are cold or hot and my cheeks secrete an oil that inspires mild infatuation

cybernetically enhanced to be the perfect non-entity, a chameleon, incubus, satyr, wordsmith, slinger singer shit grinning son of a gun

i am less than the sum of my parts, rejected organs and retired slogans

the best parts of me were replaced and i miss my eyes

most of all i miss seeing you for who you are not the grand total of broken dreams that my every sense picks up, i miss looking in the sky and seeing animal shapes in the clouds instead of the constant warnings about pollutants

simpler times before they stole in like bandits in the night and replaced all of the flaws with betterment for the race

it doesn’t translate well into binary so english may be a stretch

coherent may be a stretch

cold chrome and ozone burning

system reboot in three




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