from stray dreams of demons

has thou pierced
the veil
of light soluble vision
the perennial vestige
of sinladen

the fair maiden
throws scraps
for the knights
to battle over
like a handkerchief
in perfume

a beam of light
like a spear
into the breast
of man
from on high
with devilish intent

the stench of brimstone
drapes lazily
like a drunkard
casting it’s pall
over an
festive event

wrinkle thine brow
oh slovenly
with porcine features
from the stray dreams
of demons


2 thoughts on “from stray dreams of demons

  1. How is it you can keep this magic coming? No, seriously. Are you some kind of wizard poet or something? Are you in league with supernatural entities? Did you cut a deal with eldritch forces in exchange for word sorcery?
    I like your poems is what I’m driving at.

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