calf cramp

loving her
was like a calf cramp
at three in the morning
long after
it was over
there was a fear
of moving the wrong way
to reignite the pain

3 thoughts on “calf cramp

  1. Oh my, I can so relate to that one!…..feeling the relief and trying to stay in the place where it doesn’t hurt knowing full well that all relief is temporary, as is pleasure. I sometimes look at people that live in that middle ground emotionally never feeling extreme pain or extreme pleasure and wonder how that would be…..but ultimately come to the conclusion that it is the edges of life, emotion, relationship where the growth is, where creativity lives and where real life is lived out.
    The whole wonderful, messy, painful, humorous moment in time we are given,….. push the edge and see where it takes you. Not for the faint of heart I am finding:)

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