laughing all the way to the crematorium

we used to play poker
while drinking vodka
stolen from our parents
like we were big shots
without a care in the world

we would ride bikes
shoplift lunch to eat
while smoking cigarettes
yelling at the old people
that shook their fists in anger

poor kids with no aspirations
other than to not be like them
those damned uptight idiots
that worked hard
chased after the american dream

never once did we see
as we escaped the cocoon
to spread our wings
that we grew into the same
colorless moths they were

we should have torched it all
set the city on fire
flipped over their cars
while running with scissors
down main steeet naked

instead we pierced our cocks
dyed out hair neon pink
set a new precedent
for what normal would become
like a pack of braying jackasses

the wolf was bred out
leaving only shivering pups
that piss on the carpet
when thunder strikes
calling it the american dream

while those angry old twats
killed the planet
leaving us with ashes
while they laughed
all the way to the crematorium


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