So, well, ummm. See I have been talking to a couple ladies. Curiosity mostly. And I hoped to provide some interesting stories to you dear reader. 
It has led to some intriguing talks so far.

See, dear reader, when a man loves a woman. Nope. When a man serves a woman? See sometimes in a relationship a man and a woman get to know each other in special ways. Sometimes it is cuddling and laughter. Sometimes they exchange fluids. 
Sometimes the man is bad and his mistress has to punish him. 

Fuck this, right? What in the hell is happening in this fucking blog?

Curiosity killed the cat. These women just want to beat me a little. 

To clarify, I am kind of freaked out by the whole thing. Kind of. Not sure it is going to go farther than chatting. 
In the interest of science it seems a little cowardly to not do it. In the interest of not having a sexy woman torture me and beat me down, I think cowardice and valor are similar. 

I do not imagine there is a gimp suit in my future. Ball gag? Well, we aren’t necessarily prudish, now are we?
I am going to bed, maybe dream about being a bad boy. I could serve a goddess. Would prefer to love one. But who can say no to a conversation?

And maybe some light choking.

Do not presume to judge me! Only goddess can judge me. How the hell do you pee in this latex contraption? I would ask but I do not have permission to speak.


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