Good day. Kids this weekend so rambling diatribes on art and kisses will have to pass for the next 2 days.

Imagine this is how the weekend will go. 

I am gonna meal prep the week with honey siracha chicken and veggies. Play a shit ton of Mario Kart with the two coolest people on the planet. Hard boil eggs. Adulting shit for the most part.

The head ache returned last night. A nice nauseating way to sit in bed until 130am wanting to drill holes in my skull. Waking at 7 may have made it worse. 

This weekend, much like losing virginity will go by too fast. Hopefully it will not disappoint as well. 

Gonna be some Captain Underpants with Dax. Probably some memes with Maia. And a whole lot of insane musings rolling through my head. 

those are yours my friend. 

Have a great weekend and know that somewhere out there, someone is thinking of you. Maybe about beating you to death, dismembering you and slowly feasting on your frozen remains. But it is the thought that counts. 

I am thinking about cuddles, you and me, a scary movie so we hold each other closely. Giggling as we feel each other jump. Just being close. 

You know what I mean. And you like it. 


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