Hello my sweet. So, how was your weekend? Good, serves that cocksucker for daring to step to you. Way to show your inner badass on the outside for once. Fuck him and I hope his dog gets AIDS from a stray that sold itself to get more heroin. He needed that slap. Proud of you bae.

Me? Played some Switch. Hung with the kids. Cold kicked it, like a cricket. You know how we do fam.

Meh. So this lady has been messaging me for a couple of weeks. I cannot get a read on her. Or if it is a her. I think it is a new catfish. Sometimes. Others I am just plain confused. There are moments when I think the plea for money is coming, and others where I feel it is genuine conversation.

I think there is more than one author. It is interesting as shit. I feel like each conversation is a new one with a new person. Not sure but am willing to try and figure it out dear reader.

For you. 

Not a lot to report really. 5 or 6 good conversations with what may or may not be real ladies. The only real issue is this continual fucking headache. If it doesn’t kill me it will just make wish it did.

5 thoughts on “AI

  1. I really enjoy reading your Mike, but I’ve come later to the party. I really love your poetry. I was interested in what your first post might be so here I am. So, what did you ever find out about that lady (or group)? Curious! ♥.

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