Numbers Game

So this entire online dating things is really all about the numbers. Answer a shit ton of questions to narrow the field to either the most eligible or best liars. Hard to tell so early in the game which is which. 

Next is view comparable options. Now the real play begins. There are so many viable options you have to start looking for obvious scams. Or thin the herd as may fit. So many obvious photos of photos that say 15 years ago you was more of a catch than today’s model. 

We all were. Probably. No shame in that. But when you are selling the 2003 model and claiming it has less miles than the 2017 there is an issue. The me now is far better than me then. In almost every conceivable way. Still a piece of shit, but a gentler one.

There is a softer stool joke here somewhere. It’ll come to me.
So I have started messaging the ones that seem genuine. Really paying attention to profiles and trying to comment accordingly. I feel like starting off with a pick up line is cheeseball as hell. So I try to forge some kind of real start. 

Fuck me this sucks the taint of an angry sasquatch. 

Throw out as many lifelines as possible and hope there is a nibble. The numbers game meets the waiting game. Thank Cthulhu for this pleasure. 

I have messages to send. You must have something else to do. 


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