Noodlin 2 Electric Afuckayou

An hour and a half gone like that. She was sweet and gentle. A saint walking this earth. We hit it off in every way. It was fate that guided us to find one another. She said she felt like I was the first person she could really open up to since her break up 2 years ago.

A tragic story of good love gone bad. An angel who was set upon by demons and left alone and broken. A tale as old as time. I wanted to sweep her up and kiss the boo boos away. Dry her tears with my loving touch.

She wanted money because her internet had almost run out.

I feel like Omar from Mars Volta, Noodlin away without a care in the world.

Motherfuckers. Some people have gaydar. Some have radar. I have self hate-dar. And five times out of ten that shit is legit as a mug. You got greedy my nearly love. But this time I was ready.

I was almost someone’s someone. That counts for something. Right?




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