Pay Wall

Things took a dramatic turn today. Not really but it seemed likely to grab the reader.
I woke up to 47 emails. Apparently I have a lot of fans out there. I was excited. Last night was rough with the combo of lack of sleep and certain painful truths being flaunted. I was not fully vested to the idea of this experiment. But in the cold dark of morning, I get up early as hell, I saw a light of hope in yon distance.
But life has a way of moving the finish line. Like a mirage, it seems to be just out of reach. I log into the first site to check on my growing harem of beauties. To view likes you must get a premium package. Fuck me. Twenty dollars a month. That is cool though. There are others apps. And women there are interested as well. Upon further investigation it would require ten a month. A scam me thinks. Or not. I have no fucking idea.
Time to call a huddle amongst the brain trust I have handed my future over to. This sucks.


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