I have realized exactly what I am looking for in a mate. I want someone not afraid to strap on some wax and feather wings and fly too close to the sun with me. I want to feel the sun heat my body as the inevitable fall will cool it. I just want someone willing to burn fast and hot with me and leave a ring of ash when we finish.

I want there to be stories about us. Myths told to children on the perils and success of pure passion. I want our relationship to be a verb, not a noun.

Does that make sense? Is it too much to ask?

I need someone willing to see the edge and grab my hand and say fuck this and race past it. Bad ideas do not exist, just learning experiences. 
I don’t want love, I want insanity. Share my crazy, feed it, nurture it and let that mother fucker raze the land. Salt the earth and leave it barren for generations to come.

Something transcendent. Magical. Legendary. Because I am capable of it. I just need a partner that can be that plus. One that sees a bad day and elevates me to God status. 

Through action. 

Back to it dear reader. 


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