Too Much Caffeine

Will wonders never cease?

Been running fast and furious lately. I seen some shit man. Been there done that. Non sequitur. Random words.

You feel what I am putting out here? 


Old Spanky is losing his shit here people. The lights seems dark and the dark feels dank. I saw the eclipse today Dear Reader. My today. your today could be my tomorrow. Hell it could be three years from now, you were mucking about the interwebs and for some reason stumbled upon this Mess. Well goddess bless this Mess my new bestie.

Anyhoo, eclipse. Fucking beautiful man. It was. Fuck the haters. It is burned into my mind. I liked it. Makes you feel completely inconsequential in the grand scheme. That beauty would have happened with or without little carbon based creatures destroying the very thing that grants them life. We mean nothing. It is kind of reassuring though. 

As bad as we fuck up everything we touch, long after we have killed ourselves off things like that will still occur. when I am ash beauty will still happen naturally. There may be no meaning to what we do but beauty is forever.

That makes me happy. And I saw a sliver of it. Makes you see things differently. The ugly asphalt scars we roll across the planet, the concrete monstrosities that dot the skyline. These will crumble and fade away. History will forget we were ever here. But comets will still soar, black holes will still pulse and quarks will still make up matter. 

Remember this when life is shitty. There is something happening now that will repeat into perpetuity until that ball of gas and fires burns out. Then it will just happen somewhere else. 

I hope we do not ruin another planet. We will. Eventually. But thankfully not in my lifetime. 

All our accomplishments do not mean shit. Our possessions and dreams are just a sneeze. Be happy with what you have and hug the ones you love. It doesn’t fucking matter in the end. We get now. 

Grab that mother fucker. Pull it’s hair and whisper some nasty shit into it’s ear. Life is your bitch my loves. Fuck anyone who says different.

Fuck them.


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