It is amazing how good things can go and then one thing sends it spiralling into the fucking trash. The last couple of days have been wonderful. Time with the kids, relaxation and got to spend some time talking to a lovely stewardess.

I should be floating across the ground.
Instead, I am in black death rattle of depression. Why? The fucking ex could not leave well enough alone. We ended in a poor note. I shut off her phone and she showed just how entitled she was. It opened my eyes to the monster she had become. And today she decided to prove it again.
The one thing in this world that matters to me are Maia and Dax. They are my everything. I stuck it out in a relationship that sucked the joy from my life for them. Twice. 

And what did she do? More passive aggressive shit tactics and then how much she loves the kids. My kids. But she called them ours. 

The fucking nerve you now blocked again piece of dog excrement scented douche for sluts that cannot stop fucking around. Fuck you. A million times. 

Ugh. So as always life has done the give him enough hope and he will hang himself. Cocksucking fucking fate. 

A bag of dicks to the universe. 

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