Lovely day for fishing

So the lovely Maria is still at it. She began blowing me up this morning. I stuck to my guns and let her know in no uncertain terms she would get no money. She insists she is falling in love with me. I made it clear that I will give nothing to a stranger. She says we are more. So she decided she would fly here on the 17th. We can start pur lives together.

She needs a grand to make it. 
What in the hell is this cockamamie shitastrophe going on here? No to a hundo means yes to a stack. If my hand is in the catfish throat, this motherfucker is content to try and pull me under. 

Now the guilt trip happens. She put 1500 on the ticket and it is not refundable. Who in the fuck puts fifteen hundred on a ticket to see a stranger? After three days? 

My dick game is not that strong. 

Tongue game, for sure.

So, for the second time in just at a month, I am the worst person ever. And karma is going to rain down on me like mighty Odin himself for this one. I shall be smitten like a gnat. 

Spend a fucking day in my shoes. That shit has been coming since 2003. At this point the vengeful rage of a god is the same as a pebble in my shoe. I have the talent of barely keeping my nose above the waterline. I can make the most of the shitshow I have been given so keep your petty threats and disappointed scams. 

The kids are napping after swimming and shopping and goofing around. We are good. So please pass on a bag of sucks to anyone who stands in our way.

Fucking people. Catfish this you shady sumbitch.

But that nagging bit in the back of my brain, long thought dormant says this may have been a colossal boo boo. What if it was all real and this was it? And if I glue on fins I can be the Incredible Mr Limpet.

Old movie with Don Knotts as a sailor who gets turned into a fish. A cartoon fish at that. He can scream and warn ships away from danger. 

Fuck you guys. Kisses.

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