he was average
in every way
not quite forgettable
but always
by the wrong name
his coworkers
would describe him
as the human personification
of gray
just sort of there
nice enough guy really
it was a week
before anyone
really showed concern
when he stopped
coming in to work
a little after that
the neighbors complained
about the smell
when the landlord
finally got around
to opening the door
he finally
made a lasting impression
on someone
the moment
the light switch
was flipped

an altar
was lovingly built
in the middle
of the nearly empty room
windows were blacked
red wax
from what appeared to be
hundreds of candles
covered the hardwood floor
the smell was overpowering
a combination of roses
chanel number five
and rot
on top of the altar
was a skull
with bright red lipstick
skillfully applied
hanging from a beam
directly to the left
in a bold combination
of adolf hitler
and marilyn monroe
hung the corpse
of ron
or dan
only the pallor
of his skin
was the personification
of gray

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