woke up

woke up with a head full of spiders, i feel them crawling about in my sinuses, spinning webs inside of my brain

woke up with a soul full of maggots, blind grubs burrowing all the way down, feeding on the torments of a man gone insane

woke up with a stomach full of moths, flying blindly into ulcerated linings, searching for the light but finding acidic end

i woke up with a trail of brown recluses crawling into my tear ducts, all inclusive in the way they have decided to move in

my tear ducts become web sacs, my cries of agony silently spinning tapestries of longing as they scurry across my mind

and the moths fly into pools of indecision to be burnt into a crisp of undigested nutritional displeasure at the bottom

in the maggots burrow feasting in the dead bits of dream gone fermented as the spiderz inject poison into the center of my head

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