a list of hopes

i hope you hit your little toe on every corner

that when you use the mustard bottle all that comes out is liquid

same with the ketchup

i hope everyone mispronounces your name

and has to ask who you are every time they see you

may every piece of wood you touch give you a splinter

every doorway contain a spider web you do not see

i hope every eye lash falls into your eye

every waiter loses at least one hair into your food

when you use pepper i hope you sneeze and a contact falls out

i hope everyday is filled with sunshine and joy

that you find your heart’s desire

that your cheeks hurt from smiling too much

and that you find peace

because i have and it is glorious

i hope when you see me across a crowded room and i pretend to not see you that you understand we have our own lives now

that you know i harbor no more ill will towards you

that what we had was fleeting but wonderful in it’s own rollercoaster way

that you understand rollercoaster rides last two minutes because they are not sustainable for longer periods

i hope you know i once cared deeply but now you are just a memory

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