father(s day)

the world
shreds the weak
grinds bone
into dust
leaving sinewy strands
across the pavement

it takes and takes
ever giving back
forcing us
to forge through
move forward
push on
giving up
giving in

is the only
acceptable alternative

then something
the entire game
shifts the paradigm

that first cry
first heartbeat
first tiny hand
holds your finger

and you see
with clarity of mind
purity of heart

none of the pain matters
because this is no longer
your life
or world

it belongs to
that little one
those little ones

you would die
to make sure
they could smile
to make sure
they were fed
you shed the skin
of mere mortal
becoming something more
something better

you’ve become

it doesn’t always feel
like it
it is thankless
it is tiring
leaving you bone weary
barely able to stand

but you are a hero
a role model
a cheerleader
a chauffeur
a chef
a king

you are a father

and nothing else comes close

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