seems best forgotten

my smile slid off
i sat
relatively dumbfounded
as it slipped
from my cheeks
i watched
as it just blew away

i sat there
watching it flop
about in the breeze
but i couldn’t summon
the energy
to go and chase
after the foolish thing

it will come back
it always does
until then
i will have to be
content with
surly disinterest
or perhaps
another bout of
sullen sadness

it is impossible
to gauge
the barometer only
shows pressure
steadily building
and without
that insipid smile
laughter seems
out of reach
to ease it down

still i try
crinkling my nose
forcing my cheeks
to raise slightly
but it feels
never quite
reaching my eyes
this stupid headache
that latches on
every time i believe
it has faded away
pulling off my smile
as i sit in the silence
trying to recall
which muscles
do what

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