another sleepless regurgitant

this is no life
just a sundry collection
of sanguine sorrows
blowing as leaves
shed after summer’s disinterest
barbs that catch
tearing graying flesh
spraying poisonous fumes
slowly killing off
the best of the worst
until the shambling corpse
of future aspirations
aspirates into the fugue
leaving intangible trails
muddy footprints of
disambiguous ambulation
trod bone to ivory powder

harvesting dried tears
with spit to make ink
that dribbles down into
the gaping crater where
once a heart beat
now just an impact site
that led to mass extinction
a rash distinction
for inexplicable loss

the mockingbird sings
a softly sung song
by the sparrows that fled
the imminent catastrophe
a mournful dirge
as clouds obscure the sun
muting the mockery
of one that only knows
how to emulate not emote
seeking seeds to survive
the impending winter
finding only bits of
brightly colored plastic
ever faded glimpses
of homespun heartache
reminders of places that
takes the edge off of
razored reminsicence

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