surpression in the key of depression

reality is known for
its rampant intrusion
disrupting the insular
delusions cast by my
own imbalanced perch
at the precipice of hell
as etched into my soul

lady depression loves
to run her fingers down
my aching tender in
these moments of my own
desperate sorrows making
painblossoms bloom over
every suicidal daydream

she whispers into my ear
as we watch the pools of
lava consume the souls
accidental sinners bathed
in the molten judgment
of a father that abandoned
his children in petulant rage

her longing to see me as i
drown in this lake of fire
her throaty laugh as she
gently pushes me over the
edge to fall uncaring ever
downward in the fleeting
hope it all simply ceases

her intangibility guides
my own incomplete sense of
self as the tears sting
hazel insignificance leaving
a blurry view of another
blistered reflection as
the waves swallow me whole


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