carved from ice, ignored by flame

the fools say
the sun always rises
to banish the dark
burning away
the sorrows that
linger on the
breath of yesterday

i sit alone
waiting for the light
to engulf me
in cleansing flame
and all i feel
is the frigidity
bone deep
soul stuttering
shocks of cold
as if it shines
but upon me
leaving me draped
in shadows forgotten
by the new day

each morning
falling farther from
the yellowed rays
that diffuse slowly
making the black sky
the same cerulean shade
as my trembling lips
stretched over
these chattering teeth

i sit encased in
solid ice
sending kisses
from frozen lips
to rustle the petals
of the wildflowers
hoping they make it
before the hoarfrost
seals my mouth shut

waiting for the sun
to prove the fools
right for once
as crystals form
on the coffee clutched
by trembling fingers

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