coffee with a friend

death stopped by
to have coffee with me
this morning

we sat silently
the steam coalesced
in his empty sockets
as we waited
for the sun to rise
and the sparrows
to playfully hop
while chirping a sweet
morning affirmation

death isn’t
a big talker
his billowing robes
flow around his
skeletal frame
a thundercloud
or sentient smoke

i don’t fear him
the chill of the grave
that emanates
off of him is soothing
and it is good
for the both of us
to not spend so much
time alone

death stopped by
to have a cup of coffee
this morning
and as sirens blared
he carefully stood
nodded his thanks
and went to his
pale white steed

one of these mornings
he will be here for me
but there is a comfort
in knowing i will be taken
by a friend
so i always set
a second cup on the table
never questioning
if it is business
or pleasure
just luxuriating in
the company as
the sparrows sing
before the world awakens

3 thoughts on “coffee with a friend

  1. “Never questioning if it is business or pleasure” This is both dark and beautiful at the same time , I kid you not…… I am at the loft on the island, just arrived……I wrote the comment looked up and a BAT 🦇 flew from the wooden beams right at me. Luckily my husband is here with me to help settle me in…. I come for about a week every month in the winter…..neither of us knew what to do with a bat, we opened both doors, I covered my head and screamed as the bat flew around and finally flew out the door……quite the exciting way to end the reading of your poem Mike!:)

    Liked by 1 person

      1. World of wonder indeed….just hoping he was a loner….not sure I need any more reminders of my aliveness tonight.:) anyway your poem was brilliant, you are an amazing writer .

        Liked by 1 person

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