mossy rocks and needed naps

walking along
the water’s edge
barefeet sliding
on moss covered rocks
as the waves
rhythmically lap
sending a spray
of warm water
onto my legs

i am still
apart of the land
around me
the breeze in my veins
the salt from my soul
crusts onto
the sunbaked stones

the waves glint
a thousand gems
reflecting rays
of golden light
blindingly perfect
blessings of the moon
white birds hang
motionless in the sky

it takes all my effort
not to
plunge headfirst
into the sea
to lay in thr sand
as the fish
slowly pick my bones
clean of flesh
my empty skull
resting sightless
no more anxiety
or depression
feelings of inadequacy
and unimportance
giving up everything
to the brine

i am tired
the slick stones
beneath my feet
the metronomic water
lulling me to rest

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