elliptical solipsism

i feel elliptical
in solipsistic waves
there is no truth
except in knowing
all else is potentially
a construct
created to explain
the chaos inherent

we are birthed from
a fast sperm and
a receptive egg
hoisted from the embrace
of nonexistence
screaming and red faced
and from then on
crawl inexplicably back
to the darkened void

we are accidental tempests
raging over
electrified goo
little godlings
interpreting vibrations
and beams of light
unknowing if any of it
is real
so when i am nearly
crippled by anxiety
my heart hammers
a bird in a bone cage
it may be a false sensation
but it is an absolute truth
at the same instance
because it is all
that is tangible
albeit momentarily
in an ocean of intangibility

i hope that
when i finally cease
this charade
she still exists
so ensconced in nothingness
a burning ember
of sheer perfection
still burns somewhere
that my elliptical
is another symptom
of the madness called life


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