a reading of dreams and failings

i sat alone
in a dimly lit
lecture hall
indistinct faces
watching as i
nervously leafed
through pages
covered in scribbles
i couldn’t quite
translate to words

the faceless ones
murmured discontent
as i tried
to read the words
that swam in front
of my disbelieving
confusional gaze

shadows stood
barking angry questions
demanding answers
but nothing filtered
through the oppression
of my misunderstanding
i sat shaking
trying to form thought
to appease the anger
bubbling towards me

so i stood and faced them
and began rambling
no direction set
just let the words
dribble from fumbling lips
of drowning and
wildflower smiles
letting the ocean of poetry
take control of its vessel
swirling pseudophilosophically
defining abstracts
with the realities
and truths i cling to
spitting streams of
fractured consciousness
until suddenly i sat
exhausted and unaware
no recollection of verse
just blanketed by the silence
of unblinking shadows

there was no applause
as the sun broke lazily
through the windows
of the dusty lecture hall
spilling syrupy over
rows and rows of empty chairs
the hazy forms dissipated
and i was alone again
looking at blank pages
my legacy in the emptiness
of unwritten prose

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