eyelashes in the corner of the vacant gaze of sorrow

woke up find
sorrows sewn onto
my eyelids
the city is trapped
in raging sea
of unshed tears
grasping and tearing
at the lingering
ashes of dream
as the floods race
down the filthy streets
or down my face
impossible to tell
the difference
as this fogbank of
sultry dismay
chokes the life
from the sparrows
circling my impending doom
this parking lot
turned swampland
looks exactly the same
as every other
despair filled pit
lighting oars on fire
to signal distress
oily smoke rising
in tendrils that smother
the watery sun
rearranging the pieces
of my pangaean psyche
seeking solutions
to invisible issues
that go much further
than simply skindeep
as i float
without direction
towards the sinkhole
blinking sorrows sewn
into the very fabric
of these drowned vistas

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