staring at stairs the lead nowhere

i take the stairs
if given a choice
i drive all day
and the exercise
helps keep the
dire depression
to only barely choking
the light from
my insolent ocular stare

i do like the
clear elevators though
and today was faced
with the choice
between health and
watching the cables

with a heavy heart
i chose the stairs
and as i walked up
six flights while
the elevator happily
stride up and down
i didn’t lamebt my
lack of laziness
until i got to my
floor and found it
was an employee only
emergency exit
greeting me at the top

twelve flights later
i stood in the elevator
glaring at the stairs
that led nowhere as i
slid up to my floor
in a matter of seconds
the satisfaction of both
deflated into a ball
in my gurgling guts

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