just deserts

the desert
shines in my eyes
like the vacant
gaze of a godling
unfazed by the
myriad of miseries
consumed by the
perdition burning
deep inside

harsh yellow light
the glaring eye
of a merciless star
as close to divinity
that a cosmic mistake
a symphony of insidious
self indulgences
that know only how
to destroy the things
keeping them alive

all i have to keep
the dark nothingness
at the edge of that
desolate plain of sand
is the three hearts
that resonate so
beautifully with my own
sounding a clarion
to keep the shadows
cowering from the light
they so effortlessly shine

the desert
is a reflection
of the reality of dream
particulates of shell
so far removed from
the oceans of the past
in vast dunes drifting
ever forward to
tear down the hopes
lost in merry maladies
deep inside

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