with fevered lips kissing the razored edge of tired remorse

my forearms strain
as i navigate the loops
of this insomnial chain
pulling myself
ever closer to madness
one sleepless night
after another
cycling the trash
from my cluttered brain
in manic prayers
frantically whispered
to the shapes coalescing
on the shadowed ceiling
long past the need
for dreamfilled sleep
falling between thoughts
to hover unblinking
a dragonfly with
stained glass wings
trying to make sense
seeking salvation
over a river of sludge
multifaceted eyes
seeing everything
yet disconnected from
sensing the danger lurking
under the blood red foam
straining to flutter
across rusted chains
sleepless panic brewing
begging for scraps
yet left with nothing
but a growing ache
to fill the emptiness
swallowing me within

god only wants me
when she sees the devil
bat her eyelashes
coyly calling me
back to cuddle in
our ocean of flame
an angelic choir of
nelancholy benediction
promising heaven in
the insomnial blessings
of rusted bondages
squeezing ever tighter
to suffocate dream
licking the razors
longing to kiss with
fevered crimson lips
running my tongue
over the severed edge
of endlessly tired remorse

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