forget me knots

i long
to drape myself
in the robes
of forgetfulness
to sip from
a chalice of
sparkling lethe
and let the past
fade from
the hollow honeycomb
of my mind

oh to see these
puckered scars
with no memory
of how they formed
the tectonic shift
of innocence
taken too soon
the rusted hooks
paining each feeble
contraction of
the weakest muscle
flailing in
the darkness of
my heaving chest

a field of blooming
forget me nots
tying knots about
my sanguineous heart
leeching the air
from ruined lungs
as i shake in fits
gasping for breath
a goldfish desperate
to see what lies
beyond the convex
dome that is truly
an insubstantial tomb
shelves lined with
lessons learned by
fires pressed taut
to incinerate the
childish exuberance
that never had a chance
to flounder on its own

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