the ugliness of recognition

haunted by mannequins
dream marionettes that
chatter in heartspun
dessications as marble
eyes blankly reflect
the desert of misplaced
emotional investments

drooling ashen remorse
over quivering lips
a mudslide of lovelorn
letters unrealized as
culpable disinterest is
lavished in the emptiness
of a fleeting lover’s gaze

a faulty valve leaking
pulmonary misbelief
dripping blackened sludge
down the insolent heartspasm
until the wheezing machine
of distressed anemia
sputters to an aching halt

baptized in the apathetic
gaze of marble eyes set deep
into sunken sockets of
hastily carved remembrances
bleeding to death from
casually inflicted pains
by the dusty tongue of truth

i try to recall how
the silvery moonlight
once danced across my skin
as the salted tears
refract starlight into
a million stabbing blades
painful reminders that
it was never the intent
of the moon to highlight
the tragedy of failings
that have come to define
a husk that clings to dream
just the truthful result
of the wretchedness in
honest self reflection

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