skin tags of perturbation

an affluence of
keeps my flesh vessel
carefully taut
with the random
enumerations of
uncontrolled anxiety

vile thoughts orbit
my satellite skull
eclipsing the sun
in regular intervals
sluicing shadows
where once there were none

carefully combing
through my inadequacies
with oversized tweezers
to pluck hearty lies
from glimmers of truth
leaving swollen pores
in which an outpouring
of pus obscures the
vista of segregated
starlined insecurities

a perpetual machine
where emotional weight
is measured carefully
before being jettisoned
into the void of space
extracting wonderment
from the fetid skintags
dehydrated love blisters
flapping on solar winds

afloat on an affluence
of perturbations
in masturbatory flux
letting the best part
of future hopes dribble
down the flaccid understanding
of longings left to rot

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